2012 Menu 20 – 21 – May 20 – June 2


Still playing catch up but this one at least ends in THIS Month – hooray!


Sunday, May 20 – No Sunday Roast because my Heart was in Boston for HealthFoo and I needed to pick him up from the airport.  The kids and I went to our favorite Korean BBQ:  Honey Pig I love the Soondubu Jjigae (picture at the top of the page) – a Korean soft tofu stew with seafood

Monday, May 21 – Fish Monday wasn’t – we were preparing for HealthCampRDU so it was a Buffalo Wild Wings night.


Tuesday, May 22 – We headed off to Raleigh-Durham, NC for HealthCampRDU.  On the road we stopped at  a Waffle House, a Southern staple and my Heart’s first visit.  Perfect breakfast – fried eggs, country ham, “peppered” hash browns – YUM!


We got to Raleigh, NC and check out the location for HealthCampRDU then grabbed a bite at the pub where we were having the after party – Tir Na nOg – their Celtic Nachos were delicious.  We went out that night with some of the HealthCampRDU sponsors &  attendees for a pre-party (sorry – no pictures) 



Wednesday, May 23 – HealthCampRDU: That’s my Heart pointing out an Open spot on The Wall (don’t know about HealthCamp? Hit the link to learn more!)  The caterer did a great job with breakfast and lunch including some delicious gluten-free wraps.



Thursday, May 24 found us heading for home.  My Heart’s craving for Mexican food lead us to Don Papa Grande in Chester Virginia – That is a picture if the delicious & huge bowl of guacamole made right at our table.. talk about Fresh.  The traffic was horrible so my Heart decided that instead of sitting in our car waiting for the traffic to move, why not stop at Iron Bridge Wine Company for a bite and some wine (he is SO Smart!!! ).  This was perfect calamari – crisp but light coating and perfectly tender, Not rubbery – Delicious!  It is a good thing we don’t live closer – we would go all the time!

Friday, May 25 – We went out to see MIB 3 and then dinner at the Artful Gourmet Bistro with friends


Saturday, May 26 – My Heart treated me to breakfast in bed: A Gluten-free waffle & bacon sandwich – YUM!



I was in search of summer shoes so we wandered around the Hunt Valley Mall then decided on sushi at Jesse Wong’s Chinese Kitchen for dinner. They have pretty good sushi – pretty trendy & pricey but tasty – the one that really hit me was the roll with avocado and BRIE topped with smoked salmon (Lox) – the taste and texture was absolutely amazing – scrumptious!!


Sunday, May 27 – Sunday Roast – Now, I have always been intimidated by Carnitas but it turns out it is pretty “easy” – just takes some planning.  Definitely a HIT !



Monday, May 28 – Memorial Day – Started out with Breakfast Nachos and the dinner plan was to try to recreate the flavors and extras of the Brie-Avocado sushi but we had been running errands and got home late & tired so we did Brie quesadillas with salmon & chopped red onion instead – definitely a “do again”.

Tuesday, May 29 – My Heart was at an event and I can’t honestly remember what I did for dinner

Wednesday, May 30 – Running errands and ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings – really one of our Go To places



Thursday, May 31 – Boordy Vineyards invited their Landmark members to a lovely event celebrating the start of Friends & Farms: a company that brings produce, meat, dairy, and seafood to their clients directly from the farmers, makers, and bakers in the region within 24-48 of “production”. The food was delicious and included a pulled pork, roasted chicken, and innumerable vegetables – honestly, I could have eaten the ENTIRE bowl of broccoli salad. 



???and all that was combined with wonderful large “tastings” of Boordy wine – it was a lovely evening

Friday, June 1 – just a quick bite at Bill Bateman’s Bistro – my Heart was due to be up and out very early on Saturday

Saturday, June 2 – My Heart headed to DC for an event 

We ate out a lot these two weeks but we were also very busy – that’s Real Life, right?

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