2012 Menu 2: Jan 8-14

Last week was one of Those weeks – meals were planned for the entire week but didn’t happen.


Sunday, Jan 8 – Sunday Roast was abridged because the kids were coming back from their Dad’s so no “roast” but we did do dessert.  My Heart did this amazing creation that was basically a chocolate cookie “bonbon” (cream cheese mixed with ground up cookie) with a blackberry in the center and coated in chocolate – a total sugar overdose but stunning and Whipped cream too!
Monday, Jan 9 – Baked Tilapia and Spinach – This was a new recipe and turned out quite well – super simple, pretty healthy and tasty – we will definitely do some tweaking for next times.
Tuesday, Jan 10 – Ground turkey Tacos – Just your basic tacos: ground turkey browned and seasoned with taco seasoning served up in either hard corn shells, my favorite, or soft flour or corn tortillas, my Heart’s preference (and the picture at the start of this Blog), topped with pico de gallo, shredded cheese, sour cream, and lettuce.  I Love Tacos – I don’t know why we don’t have them more often.
Wednesday, Jan 11 – Had a plan but ended up working late and going to Famous Dave’s BBQ. We got a scratch off coupon over the holidays and received a FREE entree ($15 value)… not bad at all.  I didn’t remember to take a picture but we shared a combination of St. Louis style ribs and baby back ribs.
Thursday, Jan 12 – Also had a plan but again Real Life interfered so we decided to satisfy a craving – all you can eat enchiladas (your choice: Beef / Chicken / Spinach / Cheese & Onion) at Don Pablos – YUM!
Friday, Jan 13 – Back on Track – my Heart skis on Fridays and gets home around 9-9:30pm, frequently very tired and cold but this Friday he also came home with a cold so it was a perfect night for ramen.  I use the typical inexpensive ramen packet for the noodles but make the broth myself – chicken broth, a drizzle of shoyu, chopped garlic and fresh ginger, some cooked chicken and an egg, soft boiled in the broth… and a little sesame oil right before serving.  Not a cure for the common cold but definitely made my Heart feel better.
Saturday, Jan 14 – We ski on Saturdays.. get to Liberty Mountain Resort around 7:30am and are generally there until 8:30-9pm, depending on the last class my Heart teaches.  It was a good day – very cold though and they were blowing snow all day so that made it even colder. On Saturdays we normally head to McKee’s Tavern – this Saturday we had Chicken Nachos and French Onion Soup.
So we didn’t do all the planned meals but several and the ingredients will still be good this coming week!

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