2012 Menu 15 – 17 – April 15 – May 5


It is Catching Up Time – Fish Monday, April 16 – Salmon with Yellow Rice.


Tuesday, April 17 – what do I eat when I’m sick (yes… I caught a cold – ICK) – Ramen always makes me feel better, no matter what.


Wednesday, April 18 – and the Other food I want when I am sick?  PHO !!!  Always makes me feel better!


Thursday, April 19 – my Heart had a late meeting so this was a nice quick bite when he come home… seafood quesadillas.


Saturday, April 21 – The big Spring Concert at the University meant I was working from 3-10pm… my Heart was so sweet and brought me breakfast in bed: cheese omelet in broth with rice noodles & Sriracha sauce topped with toasted corn tortillas – very cross culture but Yummy


Sunday Roast, April 22 – Maple-Pecan Crusted Pork with fixings & Ginger Stack Dessert


Fish Monday, April 23 – Tilapia Gyros-Style – Not perfect.. I was rushing dinner because I had to be at work for an event and I totally screwed up the salad / side dish.  But definitely a make again – next time with chicken


Wednesday, April 25 – Grilled Tofu with Stir-Fried Vegetables – another not very successful meal, next time I will add the grilled tofu to the stir-fried vegetables instead of on the side…. it needs the sauce


Friday, April 27 – we were in DC for an event and stopped at one of our favorite restaurants, Jackie’s in Silver Springs, on the way back – absolutely LOVE the Truffled cheese fries.  My dinner – Braised Virginia pig with salsa verde, crisped masa dumplings, fiddlehead ferns and cotija – WOW.. knocked my socks off – the pork was tender and wonderful


My Heart had the Skillet fregola “paella” with gulf shrimp, mussels, rainbow chard, classic aioli & Meyer lemon – equally stunning – And dessert: deconstructed carrot cake… the crispy cookie being my Favorite part


Sunday Roast, April 29, Kaytucky Chicken & Pistachio Napoleans – I almost followed this recipe… definitely a “do again”.  The succotash was the perfect side dish, too.


Fish Monday, April 30 – my favorite: Fish Tacos

No idea what I did on Tuesday, May 1 – my Heart was in DC for a meeting

Wednesday, May 2 – the plan was for a spaghetti Bolognese but I just didn’t feel like it.. the Tostada Stack was a success and something we will play with int he future


Thursday, May 3 – Nachos… no pictures


Friday, May 4 was the start of Grad Week: A week of events and activities planned for members of the graduating class – the kick off event is the Senior Celebration..

.. cake and an ice cream bar – time for the grads to chat and chill and reminisce.


Saturday, May 5 – How do I know it is Grad Week??  Watching the sun rise over the buildings on-campus – We were heading to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA   We brought a whole tour bus load of grads for the day


Lunch – our favorite: Trapper’s Smokehouse in New France – not a bad price and always delicious BBQ (this is my Heart’s platter of ribs)


Busch Gardens is my favorite amusement park, next to Epcot Center, in part because it is so beautiful.. that is a full-sized river running through middle of the park that has a paddle boat that rides around.  It was a long day with lovely weather and rain that didn’t start until about 5:30pm – perfect since we had to be on the bus at 6:30pm – Next up… a WEEK of Grad Week Adventures.

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