2012 Menu 13 – 14 – Apr 1 – April 14


Much like the last “menu” post.. life has been hectic and crazy so not a lot of cooking going on (although my Heart has been a trooper and definitely done some creative kitchen work).. The start of this period we were actually in Washington DC for the Datatel Users Group (DUG) Conference.  My Heart was able to go with me so it was a mini-vaca… although conferences really aren’t “vacations” when you have your first session at 7:30am… but we were able to take some time to chill and had some lovely dinners which I highlighted in the DUG2012 photos / Mini-Vaca / Food / Thoughts blog



The highlights definitely included the Irish pub, Harringtons Pub & Kitchen – hard cider on tap and delicious sausage rolls and 1/2 price appetizers at Cadillac Ranch  The crab dip was delicious and not little 1/2 orders for 1/2 price… two appetizers shared was more than enough for dinner!


Beautiful weather for wandering the National Harbor and hearing JR Martinez’s Keynote made the visit extra special




And, while the service leaves much to be desired – the food at Rosa Mexicano is totally worth the aggravation.




Wednesday, April 4 we were back home – we decided on just a simple quick dinner after all of the rich meals we had been eating – Spinach Omelet (there is egg on the bottom, under the spinach leaves) Quesadillas – not too complicated but definitely hit the spot.


Thursday, April 5 I took the day off and we just hung out at home and in the local coffee shop.  Our plan was to head home and “find” something for dinner but we ended up hearing from friends and going to our favorite Bistro for dinner… didn’t have my camera for pics, oddly enough
Friday, April 6 – One of my oldest and dearest friends from childhood (we’ve known each other since 6th grade) came into town for the Easter weekend and we were his first stop.  The kids and my Heart were free for the visit so we all headed off for adventures in Ellicott City, MD which included lunch at our favorite Korean restaurant, Honey Pig


My favorite dish is a stew with seafood and soft tofu.  The part that I always find the most interesting is that this dish, like most Korean food, looks incendiary HOT but, while it is spicy, it is not the “hottest” food I’ve ever eaten and it doesn’t detract from the flavors in the least.  Truly one of my favorite dishes.  After lunch we drove down to Historic Ellicott City.  The weather was on our side .. it was a perfect day for a wander around this quaint town.


Everyone had a wonderful time exploring the shops… especially the chocolate shops – Chocolate covered bacon was the big hit!
We headed home for some family time and Pizza Night with several of my Heart’s amazing Pizzas including Bacon, Brie, Pear and Avocado! YUM!


Saturday, April 7 – We were up fairly early because we were doing brunch with Greg before he headed off to visit with other members of his family.  The weather had been so lovely I decided to do something I NEVER do and plan some seeds to see if I could actually get some little herb plants going.  So… here you see the first step – cups in our window sill with Basil and Chervil seeds.. we will see what happens


Brunch at a Bob Evans restaurant before we parted – Their “smothered” hash browns (topped with cheese, bacon, sour cream and cheese) are totally unnecessary but really delicious.  We did our Easter grocery shopping that afternoon because the store would be closed on Easter Sunday and did go out to dinner with friends at a new Mexican restaurant we had never tried, El Nayar in Catonsville. Very economical and the food was very good, we will definitely be back.




Sunday, April 8 – Easter Sunday included brunch and coloring eggs..






Monday, April 9 – Was supposed to be Fish Monday but, for some reason, I just wasn’t feeling it so we ended up with Yellow Rice with Sausage and Black Beans.  Not complicated but very tasty.  I definitely like the Trader Joe’s Spicy Jalapeño Chicken Sauce – just the right amount of Heat.


Tuesday, April 10 – I had my usual 9:15pm late meeting and my Heart was actually at a meeting as well.  We did finally make it home about 10:30pm and he whipped up some basic Nachos.
Wednesday, April 11 – the Stevenson University Relay for Life was the upcoming Friday, April 13 so they were doing a fundraiser at the local Buffalo Wild Wings – we went and had dinner to show our support


Thursday, April 12 – This was a tremendously busy day with several meetings including running from ONE meeting on one campus to another meeting on the other campus at 7:15pm.  I am so lucky my Heart is willing to cook on nights like this.  He made a lovely fluffy omelet with chopped bacon and veggies, including the remaining leftover roasted potatoes from Sunday’s lamb roast and some smoked salmon we had in the fridge.  YUM!
Friday, April 13 – We were headed to the Relay for Life event so we grabbed a quick bite at the Famous Dave’s BBQ basically across from the University.


Saturday, April 14 – One of my favorite events – Boordy Vineyard does a Case Club members event twice a year – they REALLY stepped it up for this one with fresh seafood for the start including raw oysters that were absolutely delicious.  The main course: Pork loin with a lovely sauce, roasted asparagus and blue cheese risotto cakes. WOW!
I promise we were sharing the desserts – it was impossible to just take two (or three!) – I did want to note the detail on the little pink desserts (which was basically a raspberry fluff).  My favorite was the square one in the middle – it was crunch and caramel-ly with a slightly creamy center.  My Heart really liked the mini coffee eclairs



My other favorite is always the little chocolate mousse MOUSE…   including all the wine tasting – a delicious end to the week!

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