Month: March 2011

#DUGConf #ST28345 Improving Student Retention

Improving Student Retention

Janet Gil – Dean of Enrollment Services
Ed Koster – Dir of Info Tech
Western Iowa Tech Community College – Sioux City, IA

(personal comments)
History & Background
  • Stagnant Enrollments FA/04 – FA/07
  • Declining regional population base
  • Aging of regional population
  • Philosophy:
  • “let’s do a better job of retaining our current students – ROI to “save” current students and keep them coming back for subsequent semesters & graduate!

#DUGConf #28699 DUG Board Business Meeting

DUG Governing Board Membership Business Meeting

  • President: David Perales
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Karen M. West
  • Vice President Conference Committee: Moly Maley Gaik
  • Vice President Member Relations: Lee Spaniol
  • Vice President Client Advocacy: Alice Moore

  • Welcome
  • Updates from Vice Presidents
  • Q & A
  • Installation of Officers

Member Relations:
  • Conducts elections – 14 made it through the slate of officers and 5 will be installed
  • works on the SHINE Award
  • Work on the First Timers activities at the beginning of the conference – want them to feel welcome and feel that they have a place
  • Initiatives:
  • Reviews Bi-Laws in subcommittee
  • RUG support – now have guidelines to help organize and make each RUG Session productive and successful

  • Initiatives:
  • Re-writing of the member skills directory – great resource to find help for questions and issues within the user group
  • First anniversary of three active CACs
  • FIN
  • Student Web Finance
  • Position Management
  • Sub-Committee
  • IT
  • Business Relations
  • New forums
  • Cleaning up the DUG website to fix broken links, etc.
  •

    #ST28866 #DUGConf Integrated Emergency & Text Messaging w/ Colleague & Portal

    #ST28866 Integrate Emergency & Text Messaging with Colleague & Portal 
    • Joe DiPasquale – CEO, Regroup Emergency Messaging
    • Russell Wood – CIO, Hinds Community College

    (personal comments)
    • The Cleary Act requires colleges & universities to issue timely warnings
    • The Federal Clery Act requires universities to broadcast timely notifications to their students & staff in the event of threats
  • Regroup: easy, effective, integrated messaging including FB / Twitter / etc.
  •