#1 Stevenson University LAX plays Salisbury University

This was a BIG game for SU, currently #1 for DIV III LAX – the crowd was amazing, standing room only. Sadly both the Women’s LAX (10-14) and Men’s LAX (10-16) lost but the season’s not over yet. For the Junior Class Council, who was manning the concession stand with the Sodexho Team, it was a crazy busy day with more than 500 soft pretzels and 600 hotdogs sold. It was perfect weather to be out supporting our Mustangs!!


Our New bronze Mustang!


Junior Class officers, Ashley Adle and Heather Zink stop for a photo op with Wild Stang


Wild Stang stikes a pose next to the new mustang on-campus


SU women’s LAX played hard


The stands were packed with SU fans for Both Teams!


Lots of people stopped by for a quick snack – it was the perfect day to watch the game!

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