Exploring: Tao Asian Cuisine

Exploring: Tao Asian Cuisine - Food, Fun, Whatever !!

One of the best restaurants in Eldersburg, MD is J & Y Tokyo Market. It has some seriously good sushi and it a spot you would definitely drive past because of its nondescript cinderblock building. When we heard that the owners were opening a new restaurant, Tao Asian Cuisine, we had to check it out. The location is larger than J & Y and very nicely decorated, far more upscale, and looks like none of the previous restaurants. The building  had originally been a Pizza Hut and none of the other failed restaurants managed to remove that “look”.

Exploring SLC: Chabaar – Beyond Thai

Exploring SLC: Chabaar - Food, Fun, Whatever !!

First, I feel like I should not be working on this review in the morning because now I am wishing I could go back for breakfast but Maryland to Utah is not exactly a “let’s go for breakfast” trek so… BOO! This was a breakfast I would have at least once a week and I would probably go for other meals as well. When we drove up and I saw Pho, one of my favorites, I was good but… Thai BREAKFAST at Chabaar!

Exploring SLC: The Bayou

Exploring SLC: The Bayou - Food, Fun, Whatever !!

It has been a crazy semester so I am catching up on posts but, fortunately, the food on our vacation was fantastic so I remember Every place. Now, some background, my Heart is The Master of the Yelp – he always finds the very best restaurants. This time, because he was busy doing work stuff and on conference calls, I did a Yelp search and found The Bayou, which was walking distance from our hotel, had delicious sounding food (I am a fan of Cajun and Creole food), AND a stupendous beer menu.

Exploring: Lewes, Deleware

Exploring: Lewes, DE - Food, Fun, Whatever !!

We took a mini-vacay and it was lovely. I’ve taken a fair amount of time off this summer but we haven’t been able to afford a getaway nor has my Heart been able to take time off. He surprised me with a lovely long weekend to Lewes, Delaware, about two and a half hours from where we live. Of course, a majority of our adventures were wrapped around food – a perfect holiday for us!

Exploring: Suburban House

Exploring: Suburban House - Food, Fun, Whatever !!

Our favorite neighborhood diner closed a few years ago and left a hole in our food-heart. One thing that my kids and I really miss is Matzah / Matzoh Ball Soup, amongst other traditional Jewish Deli / Diner foods. Suburban House had been recommended to us but we had never tried it out but recently I was looking for somewhere new and checked out their menu, which was exactly what my food-heart was missing, including Matzoh Ball Soup!  And this is how much I enjoyed it – we have made three trips in just over a week so that I could share the deliciousness with the whole family!

Exploring: Sushi Q

Exploring: Sushi Q - Food, Fun, Whatever !!

A new sushi place has opened up in our area to rave reviews from lots of my friends and my kids’ friends. My Heart was off to San Diego for a conference and I, sadly, could not tag along so, during times like these, my kids often show mercy on Mom and invite me over or out to dinner… it’s very nice of them. One such dinner was to check out the new place, Sushi Q2 (Two because there is another location in Eldridge, MD).